100 True RAMTHA Miracle Stories

100 True RAMTHA Miracle Stories

Read these stories and share them with a friend as you learn more about the amazing RAM.


From the Foreward: 100 True RAMTHA Miracle Stories is a select collection of one hundred stories shared by those whose lives have been touched in many unique miraculous ways by the RAM. Many more stories are certainly destined to be shared with you later.

All of these tales are true miracles in their own right. Some are about miracle healings of the body; others are about miracle healings of self attitude. All of these tales are owned by those of us who have experienced them. They have dramatically changed our lives in most instances. Each story is unique. No two are alike. How could they ever be? For each is experienced by an individual.

Excerpt from the poem I AM:

For ages countless in this world
My spirit has traversed
I’ve had my cultures rise and fall
In great sporadic bursts
Cross mighty oceans, mountain ranges
Deserts I have spanned
And observed perpetual changings
In the heavens and the lands
I’ve been prayed to and been revered
I’ve been killed and been harassed
And many times have I been loved
And many times outcast
I am the yin, I am the yang
I am both day and night
I’m the alpha and the omega
Simultaneous wrong and right

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