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finding your soulmate

The classic published in 1971.

This classic book – first published in 1971 – is currently still being read worldwide and available in 12 languages.

A single note swells, a half-tone sounds… The echo flits through space and now returns ever marked in time.

From the author: In this book, I present the concept of finding your soul mate at two levels. To begin, I relate soul-mating to the Magnetic Universe, that half of all creation behind the moving visible world of effect. This is the silent world of cause and the reason why all things, all forms of life, are eternally connected to all other things and all other forms of life. It is the scientific why soul mates are magnetically drawn to each other, why “like seeks like” quite naturally. Scientifically, it is the undivided universe without end or beginning, which is only possible because we also live in the Electric Universe.

Secondly, I discuss how soul mates manifest in the Electric Universe through which we relate to visible nature, to our three-dimensional world of duality. This world is composed of a genuine sexual female or male polarity, centered within each tiny or huge form —whether mineral, vegetable, animal, or human. Everything in this seemingly formed universe, whether seen or unseen, is purely electrical in nature. There are no exceptions. All sexual actions and reactions are simply electric waves seemingly in motion, creating a platform or stage for the drama of infinite forms of life to unfold. The fully correct scientific term describing this extension of the One Light is the dividing and multiplying universe, since this division and multiplication are need to keep an absolute zero universe from which all ideas and thoughts–in the form of light are–extended into forever.


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The Secrets of White Magic

The White Magician works with the eyes open, the voice proclaiming and the hands conferring.  Djwhal Khul

Throughout all of history, there have been enlightened men and women who understood the knowledge contained in this book of light.

That knowledge was guarded, lest it fall into the hands of those who might abuse it.

Now the secret veil has lifted from the “Mysteries” of time immemorial and all who have ears to hear and eyes to see may understand and know the Truth. What is the key to this Truth? It is that we are gods. We all have divinity within us. This is the “magic of the soul”. As we accept, understand, know and work with this wondrous power within us, we practice The Science of White Magic.

We will find ourselves experiencing new dimensions of being filled with beauty, love and wisdom because we choose to learn and apply the great Laws of Nature.

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100 True RAMTHA Miracle Stories

100 True RAMTHA Miracle Stories

Read these stories and share them with a friend as you learn more about the amazing RAM.


From the Foreward: 100 True RAMTHA Miracle Stories is a select collection of one hundred stories shared by those whose lives have been touched in many unique miraculous ways by the RAM. Many more stories are certainly destined to be shared with you later.

All of these tales are true miracles in their own right. Some are about miracle healings of the body; others are about miracle healings of self attitude. All of these tales are owned by those of us who have experienced them. They have dramatically changed our lives in most instances. Each story is unique. No two are alike. How could they ever be? For each is experienced by an individual.

Excerpt from the poem I AM:

For ages countless in this world
My spirit has traversed
I’ve had my cultures rise and fall
In great sporadic bursts
Cross mighty oceans, mountain ranges
Deserts I have spanned
And observed perpetual changings
In the heavens and the lands
I’ve been prayed to and been revered
I’ve been killed and been harassed
And many times have I been loved
And many times outcast
I am the yin, I am the yang
I am both day and night
I’m the alpha and the omega
Simultaneous wrong and right

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Autobiography of An Initiate

Autobiography of an Initiate on the Path to Immortality

A rousing rendition of the life of Russ Michael, an Initiate on the Path to Immortality from his death experience at an early age through his decades of service as a Lightworker.


Excerpt from the eBook – There was nothing visible around me to alarm or alert me in any way to the fact I soon would be physically dead. Yet that was an undisputed fact. Within a brief half hour or less my vital young, exuberantly healthy 18-year-old human physical body would be clinically dead. In other words, not a single sign of life could be detected in it until 20 minutes later when my vacant spirit returned!

My still very conscious, much alive and totally free spirit left my abandoned body lay where it had crumpled in a lifeless heap. I was dead! It was NOT a “near death” experience.

The China midday sun was bright and hot that eventful day. My whole being sweated and sweltered as I worked in the hot sun of the top deck of our huge Merchant Marine oil tanker, the U.S.S. Ashtabula. That sudden and so vivid death experience forever remains indelibly imprinted on my body cells, in my mind and in my soul memory.

And so begins the exciting autobiography of Russ Michael, author of Finding Your Solumate and other titles in The Golden Key Library. An initiaite is someone who begins, starts, or acts to move her or himself to higher and higher degrees or levels of conscious awareness and self-mastery.

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Anastasia: A Living Goddess on Earth

Anastasia: A Living Goddess on Earth

A lively introduction to the Living Goddess and the joy she represents to us all.

From the Dedication: Nothing in the Universe happens by chance! I feel in my heart and soul that almost everyone on our mundane and often-seeming downcast Earth will be delighted, uplifted and enchanted to know more about Anastasia, a living flesh and blood, utterly beautiful, dynamic, astounding human Earth Goddess. How Anastasia’s pure loving thoughts and seemingly impossible mystical powers have already begun safely guiding and transforming humanity on Earth toward a greater betterment, enlightenment and upliftment of all.

Here is a true story of Anastasia who as a baby, a young girl and now an adult woman was and is loved and served by wild animals; they have fed and guarded her since she was two-years-old and leap joyfully to fulfill her every wish. Anastasia heals and performs what appear to be extraordinary miracles. She holds and disperses freely the Wisdom of the Ages. This volume is an introduction to Anastasia and the author of the Ringing Cedars series, Vladimir Megre.

I am moved and inspired to do all I can as swiftly as possible to help Anastasia’s beautiful dream of a new pristine pure Earth. The unfoldment of the final Golden Age on Earth for the Family of Man; a pathway into the future that has immutably replaced what would have formerly been an Armageddon of all life on our planet, as prophesied for millennia.

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