The Mental Room of Mirrors

Very little as to the nature of our universal mirror reality has been known, understood and published …other than by Nikola Tesla, Walter Russell and a few other insightful scientists…or other deeply spiritual mediums.

I have absorbed–and here sought to express–my own knowledge about the universal mirror principle– about holograms and dream reality–in a way that the average reader can understand. By the time you complete your reading of this volume you will know why mystics, seers and great masters have referred to our three-dimensional reality as Maya or illusion.

You will comprehend how and why Dreamers… dreams, holograms, and atomic structures have united to produce this grand earth stage centered in a vast unlimited heaven where dreams are pursued or made and given life. You will know why an incredible holographic light show can and does persuade our human senses that our surrounding physical world is real – when in fact it is but a dream.


The Great White Brotherhood revealed

For ages, humankind upon earth has undergone war after war, cataclysm after cataclysm, suffering upon suffering. Will it ever end? Is there really more to your life and mine than this brief span of dimly lit consciousness between life and death in our human form? Where have we come from? Where are we going? Is there really a God, a Christ, a Spiritual Hierarchy, a secret Great White Brotherhood?

Are there a divine purpose and a “Plan of God” working out on this planet? Is life as we know it here upon earth more than a mere accident of nature? Is there a deeper, higher, broader and truer meaning to your life and mine than what we feel or perceive at this moment in space and time?

All these important questions–and many more– may fully be answered for you in this volume. My entity–a very human entity known to you as Russ Michael–is consciously linked with the White Brotherhood. My knowledge on this subject goes far beyond exhaustive book reading and the mental collection of a vast storehouse of facts.


More of the great SECRETS revealed in these eBooks

Have you ever wondered about secret doctrines or the mysteries of the universe? Are there ancient wisdoms that can help you and those around you to live a fuller and more enriched life? Download any of these free eBooks from Russ Michael and you will be amazed at the incredible information they contain and how you can take control of many things that were considered ‘secrets’ until now. These titles include:

  • The Secret is No Secret Anymore – Perhaps at a mass human consciousness level, sensing or being aware of the vibratory nature of people and of places and things in the 1960s cracked open the door leading to the awesome end times that humanity on Earth is today feeling and preparing for with great anticipation and rising joy! Are you also sensing and feeling it? I Am.  875 KB
  • The Secret Doctrine of the Ancient Mysteries – You can understand the MYSTERIES. No one has priority to the knowledge or dispensation. All the mysteries of the world become known to you and to every other person through two primary approaches: (1) Through sameness–by parallels, correlations, analogies and also by correspondences of form, shape, quality, quantity and so forth; or (2) Through differences–opposites, differentiations, antithesis and so forth. Both of these approaches to all reality or unreality are valid. 1.3 MB
  • Science of the Secret Arcae Doctrines – At first, you will mentally grasp the ideas within. That is the easy part. When understood, then you can deliberately and consciously assimilate and materialize these self-transformational ideas into your practical everyday reality. Let us begin. 1.9 MB
  • There is No Death – There is no death! Why? Simply because there is nothing in this universe but life and whatever temporal form it holds. Show me one thing–that at some level–is not alive? Few on Earth understand that no one dies. 242 KB

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The Secrets of SEX

The “best things in life are free” is no idle phrase. People certainly do pay for sex, but most people prefer not to pay for what can easily be obtained for free.

Certainly by the time you have read and absorbed the secret of sex and what causes sexual attraction, you will know beyond any doubt, there is no need to pay hard-earned cash for a few minutes or hours of sexual pleasure.

The added bonus is that before you are finished reading this book, you will know how the Law of Attraction can work to bring the most attractive dream lover or sex partner into your arms that you can imagine.

In addition, by the time you have finished this entire volume, you will surely know you do not need a single penny to be, do or have what you desire. I have done it, and many others I know or know of have done it, and so can you.


Why and How the Law of Attraction Works

You and I are on the very brink of the very most exiting and self-fulfilling times on Earth. More and more of us are awakening to the understanding that we are not our body–or our ego mind…or what we hold as our own thoughts and feelings.

All of these mortal perceptions must and do pass on. Nothing physical remains forever. The body we have formulated through our own unique thoughts and feelings has served us well…but we now know we are not this garment we wear. The real “I Am” self identity we are expressed through our spirit and conscious individual soul awareness is eternal. You and I have learned that we are genuine extensions or fragments of the One Creator Source of All That Is. The precious gift of self-aware life and self-aware free will choice and co-creativity–of whatever dream we wish to dream or manifest–has no end. Your life and my life is forever!

CLICK THE COVER TO DOWNLOAD THIS FREE EBOOK. How and Why the Law of Attraction Works is 114 KB.

The Birth of Earth as a STAR

We are all gods and goddesses and loved by our One God Source beyond measure. We were gifted with free will–which translates into absolute free choice–to experience any thought, feeling or interaction in any space-time medium we choose. We can love ourselves or we can fear and dislike ourselves. The first path leads to eternal life and the second to bodily death. It is my aim and desire to make you realize that both you and your physical human body are a priceless treasure. Knowledge is the only element in existence that can awaken you to the glorious heritage of your inner “I Am” goddess-hood or god-hood. I suggest you seek and embrace all you can find of it for these glorious End Times on our immediate Earth horizon.


Download any of these Soulmate Handbooks

Russ Michael is a master mentor on the subject of finding your soulmate and living a happier life with the one you love. Since his first book revolutionized the subject of soulmates, he has continued to focus on this important subject. These free eBooks are easy to download and available to distribute to friends and family around the world. You will be delighted at the information in these eBooks, brought to you by Russ Michael and the Golden Key Library. These titles include:

  • Finding Mr. or Mrs. Right – Almost everyone has looked or still are looking! We all have a built-in image or consciously defined, almost graphic picture of someone who is our own perfect lifelong mate. It is only natural that we yearn to find and merge with him or her. If you are in pursuit of Mr. Right or Mrs. Right, I know for certain this book was literally written just for you. (1,8 mB)
  • Your Soulmate is Calling – Your success in love, romance and in finding your soulmate will be in exact proportion to your clarity about how and why love…romance and soulmates emerge in our lives…and how to attract that special someone into your own physical field reality. You will watch your mind move from the electric through the magnetic universe. (677 KB)
  • Soulmates. Twin Rays and Special Lovers – Given choice; and who does not have free choice? Most of us on Earth today would choose sharing what remains of this day–and the remaining days of our physical human life on Earth–with a warm, fun-loving Soulmate or a genuinely blissful Twin Ray or special lover. (797 KB)
  • Find Your Soulmate Handbook – My lectures, seminars, workshops and more than 500 news stories, and television and radio “talk show” guest appearances gradually made the word “soulmate” a media and household word. I am sure my two appearances on the Regis Philbin television show (before Kathy Lee Gifford joined the show) certainly helped to implant the idea or possibility that finding and being loved by a soulmate as a feasible and desirable thought. (1.9 MB)

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Life Inside the Deadzone

There is no greater fear in the human mind than the fear of death! Death is a dramatic leap from the known to “the great unknown.” And humankind fear the uncertainty of further life—after death…

Fortunately, knowledge soon banishes fear. It is the dark unknown of death that looms so fearful in our minds. Light of knowledge will remove that dark unknown. Death should never be feared.

Death is merely the cessation of three-dimensional motion. It is a personal state of rest that will return to a state of motion again. Rest and motion, or death and life, are now—and have been forever—interwoven into our personal and universal patterns of existence. What is the end of motion—-in one layer or level of life—reverts back to motion in the following invisible layer or level of life and vice versa.

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Self-Help and a Lifetime of Happiness

We are thrilled to bring you four more editions in the Golden Key Library of online eBooks by Russ Michael. In this wonderful age of information exchange, these books will help you to help yourself and find spiritual growth with the guidance of a loving mentor. These eBooks are sure to expand your horizons! They include:

  • The Eleven Magic Steps to SUCCESS – There are definite immutable Laws of Nature throughout creation. Once you understand and utilize the ‘magic’ power of these Laws–those around you who see the daily miracles you perform so effortlessly and effectively will feel and think you live in a wonderful world of magic. They are right. When you know the real divine inner “I Am” goddess or god being… who you really are–and what you decisively want to manifest within and around you–there is nothing you cannot be, do or have… (344 KB)
  • There is Nothing You Cannot Be, Do or Have – The best things in life are free is no idle phrase. You do not need a single penny to be, do or have what you desire. I have done it, and many others I know–or know of–have done it, and so can you… I have and countless other individuals have built modest or huge fortunes from a very tiny “shoestring” investment. Yet I assure you that you do not need a shoestring–not one little red cent–to go from where you are now–to where you wish to be…within what you would consider a reasonable period of time. (354 KB)
  • The Secret Proven Success Formula to Wealth, Health and TRUE LOVE – We are all basically in-laws or outlaws as far as nature is concerned. To work with the great power of nature is wisdom! To work against the great power of nature is folly! Success or failure follows as surely as night follows day. Which do you choose? If you choose success, the laws for it are here, in easy to understand language. (706 KB)
  • The Secret Breath to High Energy – Is there really a “secret breath” that has been held back or long hidden from our earth masses? Yes, indeed. DO UNDERSTAND that I have KNOWN and TAUGHT the “mysteries,” the long-hidden ancient arcane doctrine behind what is today widely now known as “The Secret,” for nearly forty years. I initially introduced the core of the secret knowledge in 1969 in my first book, Why & How of Meditation. No one can stop an idea from manifesting when its time has come! (987 KB)

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