The Good Feeling Pledge

Greeetings!  Hoping all goes “good” (God) with each and every one of you and those you love dearly…!!
I am launching this timely ”Good Feeling Pledge ” global meditation MOVEMENT… posting this “Announcement” to my woldwide email Newsletter subscribers… on NOV 4—-USA Election Day… and asking for Lightworker  subscribers to JOIN and to volunteer to contact major meditation groups globally…  asking the founders and their members to all join in as ONE huge, highly effective global MEDITATION COMMUNITY…  that will cohere the mass accumulated  POWERHOUSE “mind power…” while setting the intention to use all of our collective coherent sacred human mind power to literally project HUMANITY into our final Golden Age on Earth…within weeks or days… as outlined in this text below.
This entire announcement has been throughly edited by very capable dearLightworker English Language Editor and teacher, Marilyn, based in Italy… so is ready to post AS IS. So please click here to read it in its entirety. 
All is well.   Thanks.  WE are ONE.