The Good Feeling Factor is HERE!

You are invited to join our vast global meditation community. Take the Good Feling Factor Pledge and enjoy a globally shared and down to earth Daily GFF.

This booklet is dedicated with love to all people of goodwill and habitual good feelings who enjoy meditating individually and collectively for the greater good of our planet, humanity, and all forms of life. It is also certainly lovingly dedicated to all who meditate during our scheduled Global Meditation Community events.

Blessings to all of you dear booklet readers, to our dedicated and so divinely inspired Global Meditation Community members, and to each and every one of you who joins us in the future to joyfully elevate the vibrations of Earth’s awakening citizens and our so polluted, downtrodden planet Earth.

WE are ONE—all feeling good—day in and day out in the joy and splendor of our PRIME GOD CREATOR ONENESS of All That Is.

Click here for the free .pdf file from Russ Michael.