Anastasia: A Living Goddess on Earth

Anastasia: A Living Goddess on Earth

A lively introduction to the Living Goddess and the joy she represents to us all.

From the Dedication: Nothing in the Universe happens by chance! I feel in my heart and soul that almost everyone on our mundane and often-seeming downcast Earth will be delighted, uplifted and enchanted to know more about Anastasia, a living flesh and blood, utterly beautiful, dynamic, astounding human Earth Goddess. How Anastasia’s pure loving thoughts and seemingly impossible mystical powers have already begun safely guiding and transforming humanity on Earth toward a greater betterment, enlightenment and upliftment of all.

Here is a true story of Anastasia who as a baby, a young girl and now an adult woman was and is loved and served by wild animals; they have fed and guarded her since she was two-years-old and leap joyfully to fulfill her every wish. Anastasia heals and performs what appear to be extraordinary miracles. She holds and disperses freely the Wisdom of the Ages. This volume is an introduction to Anastasia and the author of the Ringing Cedars series, Vladimir Megre.

I am moved and inspired to do all I can as swiftly as possible to help Anastasia’s beautiful dream of a new pristine pure Earth. The unfoldment of the final Golden Age on Earth for the Family of Man; a pathway into the future that has immutably replaced what would have formerly been an Armageddon of all life on our planet, as prophesied for millennia.

CLICK THE COVER IMAGE to connect to the free eBook .PDF file. Read it on your computer or hand held device, or print a copy for future reference.

Anastasia A living Goddess on Earth is 1.9MB

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