Autobiography of An Initiate

Autobiography of an Initiate on the Path to Immortality

A rousing rendition of the life of Russ Michael, an Initiate on the Path to Immortality from his death experience at an early age through his decades of service as a Lightworker.


Excerpt from the eBook – There was nothing visible around me to alarm or alert me in any way to the fact I soon would be physically dead. Yet that was an undisputed fact. Within a brief half hour or less my vital young, exuberantly healthy 18-year-old human physical body would be clinically dead. In other words, not a single sign of life could be detected in it until 20 minutes later when my vacant spirit returned!

My still very conscious, much alive and totally free spirit left my abandoned body lay where it had crumpled in a lifeless heap. I was dead! It was NOT a “near death” experience.

The China midday sun was bright and hot that eventful day. My whole being sweated and sweltered as I worked in the hot sun of the top deck of our huge Merchant Marine oil tanker, the U.S.S. Ashtabula. That sudden and so vivid death experience forever remains indelibly imprinted on my body cells, in my mind and in my soul memory.

And so begins the exciting autobiography of Russ Michael, author of Finding Your Solumate and other titles in The Golden Key Library. An initiaite is someone who begins, starts, or acts to move her or himself to higher and higher degrees or levels of conscious awareness and self-mastery.

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Autobiography of an Initiate on the Path to Immortality is 2.5MB

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