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Oneness of All That IsWhat is ONENESS? And why in these rapidly last moving end times–the days, weeks and months remaining of our year 2012 on Earth–that knowing, understanding and living daily with the knowledge of our complete ONENESS with one another so vitally important to each and all of us on Earth?

In Chapter 32 of this volume, I address the clearly related, mighty important subject of our individual and collective mass human body and spirit Ascension of those who choose to Ascend–without experiencing physical body death.

The subject of the ONENESS of all that is is not complex, but rather simple and easy to understand. I intend to use plain talk to present what I personally KNOW about ONENESS in this volume so even a young child can understand it. So be it.


The Secrets of SEX

The “best things in life are free” is no idle phrase. People certainly do pay for sex, but most people prefer not to pay for what can easily be obtained for free.

Certainly by the time you have read and absorbed the secret of sex and what causes sexual attraction, you will know beyond any doubt, there is no need to pay hard-earned cash for a few minutes or hours of sexual pleasure.

The added bonus is that before you are finished reading this book, you will know how the Law of Attraction can work to bring the most attractive dream lover or sex partner into your arms that you can imagine.

In addition, by the time you have finished this entire volume, you will surely know you do not need a single penny to be, do or have what you desire. I have done it, and many others I know or know of have done it, and so can you.


Why and How the Law of Attraction Works

You and I are on the very brink of the very most exiting and self-fulfilling times on Earth. More and more of us are awakening to the understanding that we are not our body–or our ego mind…or what we hold as our own thoughts and feelings.

All of these mortal perceptions must and do pass on. Nothing physical remains forever. The body we have formulated through our own unique thoughts and feelings has served us well…but we now know we are not this garment we wear. The real “I Am” self identity we are expressed through our spirit and conscious individual soul awareness is eternal. You and I have learned that we are genuine extensions or fragments of the One Creator Source of All That Is. The precious gift of self-aware life and self-aware free will choice and co-creativity–of whatever dream we wish to dream or manifest–has no end. Your life and my life is forever!

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Download any of these Soulmate Handbooks

Russ Michael is a master mentor on the subject of finding your soulmate and living a happier life with the one you love. Since his first book revolutionized the subject of soulmates, he has continued to focus on this important subject. These free eBooks are easy to download and available to distribute to friends and family around the world. You will be delighted at the information in these eBooks, brought to you by Russ Michael and the Golden Key Library. These titles include:

  • Finding Mr. or Mrs. Right – Almost everyone has looked or still are looking! We all have a built-in image or consciously defined, almost graphic picture of someone who is our own perfect lifelong mate. It is only natural that we yearn to find and merge with him or her. If you are in pursuit of Mr. Right or Mrs. Right, I know for certain this book was literally written just for you. (1,8 mB)
  • Your Soulmate is Calling – Your success in love, romance and in finding your soulmate will be in exact proportion to your clarity about how and why love…romance and soulmates emerge in our lives…and how to attract that special someone into your own physical field reality. You will watch your mind move from the electric through the magnetic universe. (677 KB)
  • Soulmates. Twin Rays and Special Lovers – Given choice; and who does not have free choice? Most of us on Earth today would choose sharing what remains of this day–and the remaining days of our physical human life on Earth–with a warm, fun-loving Soulmate or a genuinely blissful Twin Ray or special lover. (797 KB)
  • Find Your Soulmate Handbook – My lectures, seminars, workshops and more than 500 news stories, and television and radio “talk show” guest appearances gradually made the word “soulmate” a media and household word. I am sure my two appearances on the Regis Philbin television show (before Kathy Lee Gifford joined the show) certainly helped to implant the idea or possibility that finding and being loved by a soulmate as a feasible and desirable thought. (1.9 MB)

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Finding Your Soulmate free eBook

finding your soulmate

The classic published in 1971.

This classic book – first published in 1971 – is currently still being read worldwide and available in 12 languages.

A single note swells, a half-tone sounds… The echo flits through space and now returns ever marked in time.

From the author: In this book, I present the concept of finding your soul mate at two levels. To begin, I relate soul-mating to the Magnetic Universe, that half of all creation behind the moving visible world of effect. This is the silent world of cause and the reason why all things, all forms of life, are eternally connected to all other things and all other forms of life. It is the scientific why soul mates are magnetically drawn to each other, why “like seeks like” quite naturally. Scientifically, it is the undivided universe without end or beginning, which is only possible because we also live in the Electric Universe.

Secondly, I discuss how soul mates manifest in the Electric Universe through which we relate to visible nature, to our three-dimensional world of duality. This world is composed of a genuine sexual female or male polarity, centered within each tiny or huge form —whether mineral, vegetable, animal, or human. Everything in this seemingly formed universe, whether seen or unseen, is purely electrical in nature. There are no exceptions. All sexual actions and reactions are simply electric waves seemingly in motion, creating a platform or stage for the drama of infinite forms of life to unfold. The fully correct scientific term describing this extension of the One Light is the dividing and multiplying universe, since this division and multiplication are need to keep an absolute zero universe from which all ideas and thoughts–in the form of light are–extended into forever.


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The Secrets of White Magic

The White Magician works with the eyes open, the voice proclaiming and the hands conferring.  Djwhal Khul

Throughout all of history, there have been enlightened men and women who understood the knowledge contained in this book of light.

That knowledge was guarded, lest it fall into the hands of those who might abuse it.

Now the secret veil has lifted from the “Mysteries” of time immemorial and all who have ears to hear and eyes to see may understand and know the Truth. What is the key to this Truth? It is that we are gods. We all have divinity within us. This is the “magic of the soul”. As we accept, understand, know and work with this wondrous power within us, we practice The Science of White Magic.

We will find ourselves experiencing new dimensions of being filled with beauty, love and wisdom because we choose to learn and apply the great Laws of Nature.

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