Finding Your Soulmate free eBook

finding your soulmate

The classic published in 1971.

This classic book – first published in 1971 – is currently still being read worldwide and available in 12 languages.

A single note swells, a half-tone sounds… The echo flits through space and now returns ever marked in time.

From the author: In this book, I present the concept of finding your soul mate at two levels. To begin, I relate soul-mating to the Magnetic Universe, that half of all creation behind the moving visible world of effect. This is the silent world of cause and the reason why all things, all forms of life, are eternally connected to all other things and all other forms of life. It is the scientific why soul mates are magnetically drawn to each other, why “like seeks like” quite naturally. Scientifically, it is the undivided universe without end or beginning, which is only possible because we also live in the Electric Universe.

Secondly, I discuss how soul mates manifest in the Electric Universe through which we relate to visible nature, to our three-dimensional world of duality. This world is composed of a genuine sexual female or male polarity, centered within each tiny or huge form —whether mineral, vegetable, animal, or human. Everything in this seemingly formed universe, whether seen or unseen, is purely electrical in nature. There are no exceptions. All sexual actions and reactions are simply electric waves seemingly in motion, creating a platform or stage for the drama of infinite forms of life to unfold. The fully correct scientific term describing this extension of the One Light is the dividing and multiplying universe, since this division and multiplication are need to keep an absolute zero universe from which all ideas and thoughts–in the form of light are–extended into forever.


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