More of the great SECRETS revealed in these eBooks

Have you ever wondered about secret doctrines or the mysteries of the universe? Are there ancient wisdoms that can help you and those around you to live a fuller and more enriched life? Download any of these free eBooks from Russ Michael and you will be amazed at the incredible information they contain and how you can take control of many things that were considered ‘secrets’ until now. These titles include:

  • The Secret is No Secret Anymore – Perhaps at a mass human consciousness level, sensing or being aware of the vibratory nature of people and of places and things in the 1960s cracked open the door leading to the awesome end times that humanity on Earth is today feeling and preparing for with great anticipation and rising joy! Are you also sensing and feeling it? I Am.  875 KB
  • The Secret Doctrine of the Ancient Mysteries – You can understand the MYSTERIES. No one has priority to the knowledge or dispensation. All the mysteries of the world become known to you and to every other person through two primary approaches: (1) Through sameness–by parallels, correlations, analogies and also by correspondences of form, shape, quality, quantity and so forth; or (2) Through differences–opposites, differentiations, antithesis and so forth. Both of these approaches to all reality or unreality are valid. 1.3 MB
  • Science of the Secret Arcae Doctrines – At first, you will mentally grasp the ideas within. That is the easy part. When understood, then you can deliberately and consciously assimilate and materialize these self-transformational ideas into your practical everyday reality. Let us begin. 1.9 MB
  • There is No Death – There is no death! Why? Simply because there is nothing in this universe but life and whatever temporal form it holds. Show me one thing–that at some level–is not alive? Few on Earth understand that no one dies. 242 KB

Click the eBook covers below to download your free copies of these informative titles. Please share then with your friends and family by using the links below this post.


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