Self-Help and a Lifetime of Happiness

We are thrilled to bring you four more editions in the Golden Key Library of online eBooks by Russ Michael. In this wonderful age of information exchange, these books will help you to help yourself and find spiritual growth with the guidance of a loving mentor. These eBooks are sure to expand your horizons! They include:

  • The Eleven Magic Steps to SUCCESS – There are definite immutable Laws of Nature throughout creation. Once you understand and utilize the ‘magic’ power of these Laws–those around you who see the daily miracles you perform so effortlessly and effectively will feel and think you live in a wonderful world of magic. They are right. When you know the real divine inner “I Am” goddess or god being… who you really are–and what you decisively want to manifest within and around you–there is nothing you cannot be, do or have… (344 KB)
  • There is Nothing You Cannot Be, Do or Have – The best things in life are free is no idle phrase. You do not need a single penny to be, do or have what you desire. I have done it, and many others I know–or know of–have done it, and so can you… I have and countless other individuals have built modest or huge fortunes from a very tiny “shoestring” investment. Yet I assure you that you do not need a shoestring–not one little red cent–to go from where you are now–to where you wish to be…within what you would consider a reasonable period of time. (354 KB)
  • The Secret Proven Success Formula to Wealth, Health and TRUE LOVE – We are all basically in-laws or outlaws as far as nature is concerned. To work with the great power of nature is wisdom! To work against the great power of nature is folly! Success or failure follows as surely as night follows day. Which do you choose? If you choose success, the laws for it are here, in easy to understand language. (706 KB)
  • The Secret Breath to High Energy – Is there really a “secret breath” that has been held back or long hidden from our earth masses? Yes, indeed. DO UNDERSTAND that I have KNOWN and TAUGHT the “mysteries,” the long-hidden ancient arcane doctrine behind what is today widely now known as “The Secret,” for nearly forty years. I initially introduced the core of the secret knowledge in 1969 in my first book, Why & How of Meditation. No one can stop an idea from manifesting when its time has come! (987 KB)

As always, these books are free to download and also to share with a friend. Please use the Facebook link to share titles you love with your friends and family. Click any of the covers below to download your free copy today.


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