Twinkle Top Series

The Adventures of Twinkle Top

Children around the world will delight in these wonderous tales of space travel and adventure with Twinkle Top.

Plunkett is one of very many civilized planets in our Milky Way Galaxy. It is a very beautiful tropical planet high in the midnight sky. When we look up from Earth on a clear night we may see the very brightest pink star in the twinkling star-filled Universe above and realize the lovely planet of Plunkett is orbiting around and around it.

Twinkle Top learned in school that life-bearing civilizations on different planets have different body forms. Some look like lions, some look like bears, and some even look like insects; and much, much older planetary civilizations look like dragons, reptilians and other very odd and often to us, frightening body forms, even if they are loving and peaceful. However all the people on Plunkett (like on the water planets orbiting big bright Sirius) have human forms and look just like our people on Earth.

The highly advanced civilization of Plunkett is thousands upon thousands of years ahead of  us on Earth in their science, their technical ability, their spiritual knowledge and their peaceful behavior. Plunketeers have studied and traveled all over our wide, wide universe for ages upon ages and are all by nature peaceful and very loving humanoid souls.

Follow the adventures of Twinkle Top as he travels in the spaceship his parents gave him along with a cast of characters like no other in the universe.

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