Why and How the Law of Attraction Works

You and I are on the very brink of the very most exiting and self-fulfilling times on Earth. More and more of us are awakening to the understanding that we are not our body–or our ego mind…or what we hold as our own thoughts and feelings.

All of these mortal perceptions must and do pass on. Nothing physical remains forever. The body we have formulated through our own unique thoughts and feelings has served us well…but we now know we are not this garment we wear. The real “I Am” self identity we are expressed through our spirit and conscious individual soul awareness is eternal. You and I have learned that we are genuine extensions or fragments of the One Creator Source of All That Is. The precious gift of self-aware life and self-aware free will choice and co-creativity–of whatever dream we wish to dream or manifest–has no end. Your life and my life is forever!

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